WFOZ/ICAPA Upcoming Events 2017

Another new year and more interesting and captivating programs and activities at Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) 2017 presents new opportunities for women in film and the film industry at large as WFOZ brings new activities nationally and internationally.

WFOZ will begin the year by visiting the 67th Berlin International Film Festival in Germany in February. This presents an exciting time for the organization with the first Berlinale Africa Hub taking place within the European Film Market as we gear up preparations for our annual International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF) in August. It’s a great opportunity for the IIFF team to meet African filmmakers and producers and have access to original African content and also gain knowledge on the development and progress of the African film industry. In the same context, the team will be traveling to France in April for MIPTV where the African Pavilion will be running for the first time. Through these visits WFOZ will be able to identify films for the festival and also opportunities for growing the Zimbabwean film industry through networks and possible productions and funding. ICAPA will also engage in script writing workshops in Kenya in February and in Senegal in May as the organization strives to build the foundation for the production of African films.

Running concurrently with the festival visit to Germany is the national outreach in Matebeleland with visits to Bulawayo, Gwanda and Binga. WFOZ continues to bring women-centred film narratives to urban and rural communities through film screenings. The program will be held in February starting off with screenings in Gwanda then move to Bulawayo with two days of screenings and close off in Binga. Later in the year WFOZ will also host the international outreaches with mini festivals in Malawi, Somalia and Somaliland. As the year progresses WFOZ will step up the preparations for the International Images Film Festival, which will run from 25 August to 2 September 2017. Our audiences must be prepared for an entertaining and informative collection of films running under the theme “OF WOMEN, BY WOMEN FOR THE PEOPLE”.