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WFOZ Statement about sexual harrassment in local film industry

When young female filmmaker Amanda Ranganawa denounced sexual harassment in the local film industry and cited her own mistreatment by two producers from a local studio, emotions went high in the local media.

Social media and the press were quick to condemn the two sides of the conflict either as sexual predators or liars. Since this issue is going to the courts and there have been very conflicting accounts of the encounters in questions, WFOZ has issued the following statement:

Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) notes with concern the allegations of sexual harassment by Shem and Mike Zemura by Amanda Ranganawa. While the veracity of the facts are still being weighed, WFOZ notes that sexual harassment is prevalent in the industry. Regardless of the outcome of investigations into the current allegations, WFOZ stands by all victims of sexual harassment in the Zimbabwean film industry and in all walks of life. At the same time, WFOZ condemns false accusations of sexual harrassment of men by women for whatever reason. Such false accusations are as unacceptable as sexual harassment itself.

Despite the clear imparticality of this statement, a local paper decided to use parts of this statement with the headline WFOZ backs filmmaker Ranganawa.