ICAPA continues our eBook campaign with ZUVA KITCHEN

Zuva Kitchen is a manual for the use of simple solar cookers as well as a recipe book for cooking with solar power published by ICAPA. It shows how traditional and modern Zimbabwean recipes can be prepared on a solar cooker and aims to promote the use of solar energy in southern African households and beyond. Zuva Kitchen is the first in a series of eBooks aiming to introduce and popularise the use of solar power to cook southern African meals and become the main source of energy for our kitchens.

With the abundance of sunshine in this region, every household has the potential to reduce energy costs, combat deforestation, save the environment and become eco-friendly. Taking into account the growing problems of energy consumption, costs as well as the severe shortage of fuel and firewood, the focus on solar energy has become a real necessity for all Zimbabweans.

ZUVA KITCHEN targets this need by not only giving practical guidance of how to use the different solar cookers but also on how to cook typical Zimbabwean everyday recipes as well as specialties with the help of the heat of zuva (the sun).