ICAPA – When we change Africa, we change the world.


ICAPA Trust engages with all aspects of creative art, including research, training, and publication of papers, arts entrepreneurship and production of creative arts products that grip, entertain and transform audiences. ICAPA fosters creativity of expression in all the arts and brings them together in the form of the audio-visual narrative. It fosters those works of arts, particularly in the powerful audio-visual media that are imbued with a strong spirit of confidence and courage, and knowledge of how this confidence can be brought to bear in the democratic development of Africa. ICAPA fosters new ways of thinking that bring about social change throught the the creative economy.

ICAPA Trust is registered as a non-profit making trust with the Registrar of Deeds, Harare on 2nd November 2009, Registration number 784/2009 as well as an arts promoter with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe. Activities to date include the BREAKING THE SILENCE project and project management for Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe and Nyerai Films.



Icapa envisions a flourishing, fearless creative economy in Zimbabwe and Africa through artists who sustainably create competitive, critical, engaging and engaged art.

Mission - Global Objective

To contribute a courageous high energy creative economy that positively transforms African creators, audiences and nations through innovative, entertaining, gripping, sustainable arts production.

Aims and strategic objectives of the Organization

- To produce compelling international standard film, media and other arts products that foster sustainable democratic transformation on the African continent

- To overcome cultures of violence, intolerance and corruption in Zimbabwe through a multidisciplinary platform that uses the skills and crafts of the arts sector to produce and distribute products that promote justice and truth seeking

- To provide competitive, efficient training in the arts to those traditionally excluded in order to tell socially transformative stories in a sustainable manner

- To provide arts administration and support to small challenged arts organizations in Zimbabwe and Africa that produce products within ICAPA’s ambit.

- To mainstream gender in the audio visual media and other art forms, through increasing the participation and production capacity of women in Zimbabwe and Africa in these art forms