Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ), Zimbabwe's leading women filmmakers' organisation, and the oldest functioning film institution in the country, is an arts organization registered with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe. WFOZ now operates as the women's department under the Institute for Creative Art for Progress (ICAPA). ICAPA is a merger between WFOZ and sister company Nyerai Films. WFOZ is also the lead organization of the Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ)- Media, ICTs and Arts Cluster.
The organization, founded in 1996, aims to increase the participation and production capacity of women locally and regionally in the audiovisual industry. It also aims to bring women's issues to the attention of the cinema viewing and television watching public. To achieve this, WFOZ has over the years engaged in various industry related activities including founding the International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF) in 2002. IIFF, the only women's festival South of the Sahara, has become an integral part of the local and regional film calendars and is a focal point for WFOZ's activities. In addition, WFOZ has produced and co-produced international standard films dealing with these issues.


A Zimbabwe that serves as a model of democratic tolerance, integrity and sustainability for its people, the region and the continent through the provision of uplifting and motivating film narrative.


To strengthen gender and related tolerances in Zimbabwean society by narrating women's stories and experiences, whether told by women or men, or any other gender, powerfully through the medium of film.

Aims and strategic objectives of the Organization

To produce to international standard film narrative which promotes tolerance, integrity and sustainability in all sectors of our communities.
To provide for income generating career opportunities for women in film and related creative enterprises, including training women in film related skills to increase their professional participation in the sector.
To effect positive change in relationships between men and women through engaging communities with powerful gender narrative.
To change behavior concerning the status of women in society through modeling positive attitudes in film and other related activities.
To enter into reciprocal partnerships with other women's organizations, arts and democratic organizations.


Founded in 1992, "to produce and distribute compelling international standard media product on vital social issues that our societies have difficulty in engaging with.” Nyerai Films promotes cutting edge productions by filmmakers from Southern African countries. Since 2002 we have co-operated with Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe to organize the annual "International Images Film Festival for Women" in Zimbabwe and trained many young women to tell their stories through this organisation.
Nyerai Films currently provides increasing studio and recording services for many smaller media practitioners in Zimbabwe. Outside Zimbabwe our productions are having increasing impact on audiences across the continent from Burkina Faso to Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa, as well as further.
In this way the Nyerai Films vision is to develop a powerful locally informed audio visual culture in Zimbabwe and the region that disseminates in a deeply engaging manner messages conducive to upliftment, self sufficiency and development
"Low Budget - High Energy" is not just an idea with us - it's a reality.


The Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa is an organization that is engaged with all aspects of creative art, including research, training, and publication of papers and production of creative art product. This broad view has been taken, as all the creative arts are required to produce adequate international standard audio-visual narratives that tell the stories many less creative individuals shy away from. Thus the institute fosters creativity of expression in all the arts and brings them together in the form of the audio-visual narrative.
It fosters those works of art, particularly in the powerful audio-visual media that are imbued with a strong spirit of confidence and courage, and knowledge of how this confidence can be made fact in the democratic development of Africa in the twenty first century.


- To produce compelling international standard media and other arts products on social issues that foster engagement with democratic processes and contestations.
- To overcome cultures of violence and corruption in Zimbabwe through a multidisciplinary platform that uses the skills and crafts of the arts sector to produce and distribute products that promote justice and truth seeking
- To provide competitive, efficient training in the arts in order to tell socially transformative stories
- To provide arts administration and support to small challenged arts organizations in Zimbabwe and Africa that produce products within ICAPA’s ambit.
- To mainstream gender in the audio visual media and other art forms, through increasing the participation and production capacity of women in Zimbabwe and Africa in these art forms
- To contribute with partners with whom both Nyerai Films and Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) have signed memoranda of understanding to the provision of adequate, standardised, recognised film education in Zimbabwe


To build up a courageous high energy creative industry that positively transforms African creators, audiences and nations through innovative thought-provoking art


Florence Makore

Florence Makore

Florence Makore joined ICAPA as an Office Administrator in 2013. She has worked in different accounts departments of manufacturing and media firms.
She is responsible for overseeing the preparation of financial reports and administrative office duties.
She holds a diploma in Accounting.
She lives in Harare with her family
Tsitsi Dangarembga

Tsitsi Dangarembga
Founder + CEO ICAPA

Born in Mutoko, Zimbabwe, playwright, poet activist and filmmaker Tsitsi Dangarembga completed her education in her home country, where she worked as a copywriter before writing seriously as a poet and playwright. Dangarembga wrote her first novel NERVOUS CONDITIONS at the age of twenty-five. It immediately became a seminal piece of literature and was hailed by Doris Lessing as one of the most important novels of the twentieth century. She published her second novel THE BOOK OF NOT in 2006 and its successor A MOURNABLE BODY is forthcoming. She obtained her Masters in Filmmaking from the German Film and Television Academy Berlin. She lives in Harare where she founded the production house Nyerai Films and the International Images Film Festival for Women. She also founded the Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa where she works as director. Her films and literature have been critically acclaimed and have received international awards. She founded her publishing house, ICAPA Publishing in 2014 with a collection of short stories, A FAMILY PORTRAIT, that interrogate the many endemic forms of violence in Zimbabwe. Her contribution to the collection is a short story called THE BRICK. She is currently writing SAI-SAI, WATERMAKER, a dystopic speculative fiction for young adults.
Karen Mukwasi

Karen Mukwasi
Programmes and IIFF International Outreach

As a long serving member of Women Filmmakers in Zimbabwe, Karen Mukwasi is our Programme and Projects Officer since 2012. She is responsible for coordinating WFOZ projects including the International Images Film Festival for Women and all it's outreach projects.
Karen is a qualified computer analyst and is currently studying towards a degree in Communication Science with the University of South Africa. She is a fellow of the Mandela Washington Fellowship.
She is on the board of trustees of Women on the Frontline and is a non executive board member of Tanyaradzwa Cancer Trust.
Karen is also a fellow of of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders
Rudo Chakanyuka

Rudo Chakanyuka
Trainee Festival Director

Rudo Chakanyuka is IIFF's trainee festival director since 2017 and ICAPA's technical assistant and graphic designer since 2016. She joined ICAPA as IIFF festival coordinator in 2015. She has worked for many years with WFOZ on the 'IIFF IN THE CLUB' events.
Rudo began her career in film 2009, as Pamberi Trust multimedia officer. There she filmed and documented events and performances by numerous artists, coordinated screenings and workshops and was involved in diverse creative productions, working with artists from across the globe, as well as some of the best Zimbabwean talents. Rudo has been a catalyst for many collaborations and instrumental in the successful implementation of several projects.
She was part of the organising committee for the inaugural Zimbabwe Festival of Afrikan Inspired Animation (ZIMFAIA) as part of the Joint Afrikan Animation Group (JAAG) in 2010. In 2011, she took part in the Durban Talent Campus at Durban International Film Festival. Since then, Rudo has been involved in various capacities at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival (ZIFFT) and the International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF).
Currently, she serves as a Trustee of POVO Afrika Trust and LitFest Harare. Rudo lives in Harare with her family.
Previous IIFF Directors
Yvonne Jila 2011 - 2015
Tsitsi Dangarembga 2002-2011
Angeline Madyara

Angeline Madyara
Administrative Assistant

Angeline Madyara is ICAPA's Administrative Assistant since May 2015. She is responsible for all clerical work in addition to being assistant to the administrator. She has worked before as a secretary and personal assistant for a number of years. At the front office she receives all our visitors with a beautiful smile and her great personality. Angeline holds a diploma in International Tourism from City + Guilds UK as well as a DELF diploma in French from Alliance Francaise. She cites her hobbies as travelling, reading, studying different cultures and learning languages.
Olaf Koschke

Olaf Koschke
Technical Director

Olaf Koschke was named technical director since the inception of ICAPA 2011.
Olaf Koschke has been working as film + tv- editor since 1986, with works for ZDF, ARTE, 3Sat, MDR, ORB, Sat 1, RTL, Premiere, Deutsche Welle and various international broadcasters; he has extensive experience with mobile studios, OB-vans, telecines and live broadcasting.
Since 1993 he has been working as a lecturer for video- and nonlinear-editing at DFFB, DEKRA-Medienakademie Rügen, HfG Karlsruhe, DW Academy. As a producer with Nyerai Films he has a number of documentary as well as drama productions to his credit.
Olaf Koschke was born in Hamburg, Germany and lives in Harare with his family.


Irene Mkondo

Ms Mkondo is an educator with a passion for research. She has publications on teaching and sits on the boards of several organisations. She is also involved in numerous volunteer work.

Tsitsi Dangarembga

Founder Member
Ms Dangarembga is a world renowned novelist and pioneering filmmaker in the Zimbabwean film industry. She is also one of the most vocal feminists and a passionate activist.

Tawanda Gunda

Mr Gunda Mupengo is a product of the UNESCO Film and Television Training Project Harare. He has since directed a number of shorts and documentaries.

Charles Chirikure

Mr Chirikure is a long standing member of the ICAPA board.

Olaf Koschke

Founder Member
Mr Koschke has extensive experience in the film and editing spectra and has been teaching in the field for many years.

Prof Herbert Chimhundu

Professor Chimhundu is a university professor currently with the Chinhoyi University of Technology. He has held posts at various institutions of higher learning across the country. He also sits/ has sat on several boards of arts and learning institutes. In addition to receiving multiple awards and distinctions he has published some literary works on the shona language.

Plaxedes Wenyika

Ms Wenyika has experience in the Zimbabwean arts and culture industry as a musician with 5 albums released to date. She is currently a panelist on the Information and Media panel of enquiry.

Prof Julie Stewart

Professor Ms Stewart is currently the director of the Southern and Eastern African Regional Centre for Women's Lawwith the University of Zimbabwe. She has been honorary professor at 2 institutions in South Africa. She has the received the Women's Human Rights Defender Award for her work in Zimbabwe. Professor Stewart has also several published law works.

Servy Muzanenhamo

Ms Muzanenhamo is an experienced professional banker who has been with one of the leading banks, Stanbic Bank, for several years.


Contact Details
Institute of Creative Art for Progress in Africa (ICAPA)
Postal Add: P.O. Box BW 1550
Tel/ Fax: +263 242 862 355, Tel WFOZ: +263 8677 111 554

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