Picture my Life Season 2 online & premiere screenings

Picture My Life Season 2  #MeToo Zimbabwe has started screening online and at various locations in and around Harare. You can watch stories No 3 - 6 online here.

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Picture My Life Story No 3 - Zimbabwean Women speak out. A young woman was sexually abused at age 9 by her grandfather.

#MeToo #SexualViolence #GBV #womeninFilm #saynotoviolence #speak #16days #16daysofactivism

Picture My Life Story No 4 - Zimbabwean women speak out. An elderly woman abused by her husband.

#mentalhealthawareness #picturemylife #worldaidsday #saynotogbv @osisa @theawdf @unwomen @fordfoundation @uafafrica @tsitsidangarembga @adultrapeclinic @the_fog2w @friendship_bench_zimbabwe @katswe_sistahood @shamwari_yemwanasikana2019 @womensvoicezw @wcozimbabwe

Picture My Life Story No 5 - Zimbabwean women speak out. - Abused by a stranger.

Picture My Life Story No 6 - Zimbabwean Women speak out - Survived an abusive child marriage for years, now a Katswe Sistahood activist