Community Outreach 2020

The ICAPA team continued with the community conversations program and screened films and discussed gender related issues with various communities in Zimbabwe. At events at L’Arche and the Friendship Bench offices in Harare and the Chogugudza School in Domboshava the audiences reacted with great interest and engagement in the discussions.
The program then continued in several communities in the Binga district where it is an annual event since 2011.

In March 2020 the ICAPA outreach team went to Binga, supported by CAFOD. We were fortunate to have some great screenings and community conversations about gender based violence just before the risk of Covid 19 infection rendered such gatherings unwise.

The communities around Binga are always eagerly anticipate our outreach screenings, and this year was no exception.

A scene from Donga Business Center screening. This was our first screening and people requested that each venue have at least two screenings of each film. Discussions drew contributions from both adults and children.

Lots of people came to the Twalyokezya Business Center evening screening. We reached between 350-400 people (including women, children and men).

At the Bunsiwa Church of Christ we had a very lively audience where both men and women shared and agreed to contributions. Even when it came to engaging in assistance for the screening, both men and women also helped out.

This year's community conversations are a continuation of long standing regular outreach programs by WFOZ and ICAPA.

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