AWFH Sound Recording Crash Course 2020

Aspiring women filmmakers receive much needed training in a neglected field

Following a successful cinematography workshop held in the beginning of 2020, ICAPA Trust held a sound recording crash course for aspiring women filmmakers in October last year.  ICAPA had long been challenged by the lack of women sound recordists when its sister organisation, Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ), now replaced by the African Women Filmmakers Hub (AWFH), crewed for its productions. The call for the one day crash course was circulated amongst the AWFH-Zw members.



The workshop was facilitated by ICAPA Technical Director Olaf Koschke. The programme provided skills transfer in areas such as location sound recording, digital recording equipment operation and microphone placement in interview situations, through both lectures and practical exercises.  The training successfully equipped the AWFH members who participated to work on the crew during shooting of several spots for "Picture My Life", ICAPA’s ongoing anti-GBV campaign.