Dress Your Diva

Dress Your Diva lets your glamour be your contribution to and collaboration with Zimbabwe's impoverished artists, creative industries.

When we glam together, we tailor change in Africa and the world together, from the upper ranks down to the roots.



Dress Your Diva Roundtable

The Dress Your Diva project was officially introduced to the divas and designers during the INTERNATIONAL IMAGES FILM FESTIVAL FOR WOMEN 2014 in HARARE

Divas and designers get to know each other at the next Dress Your Divas gathering in Harare on November 8th 2014


Dress Your Diva

The DRESS YOUR DIVA programme brings together the inspiring quartet of business, power, poverty and glamour. A cross-disciplinary creative economy partnership between between ICAPA Trust and its sister organisation Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ), the programme stimulates the creative industry of fashion design in Zimbabwe as a means of retaining creative talent in the country and as a means of encouraging wealthy Zimbabweans to invest in local creative industries and in local creative talent. Designers are to be teamed with women from the corporate and/or government world and with celebrities from the arts sector. Thus prominent women, arts celebrities and designers will interact over a period of time. Designers will design three prescribed garments for the woman they are been teamed with. The garments will be worn at a gala event during the associated with the next edition of WFOZ’s flagship programme, the International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF). A 30 minute reality show will be produced as part of the programme. ICAPA needs to realise a budget of USD57000 to realise the programme, and also contacts to international designers who will act as coaches. Possibilities for scaling up, such as producing seasons of the reality show, exporting the concept to other countries and/or upscaling to a continental challenge.

Zimbabwe's artists are generally notoriously poor, with few options in a country that appears not to have understood sufficiently the market value of homegrown creative products. Thus foreigners have become millionaires from trading in Zimbabwean stone sculpture. Zimbabwean gallery owners are considering setting up lucrative branches in the global north. The retelling of old folk tales in the new medium of moving images (KARE KARE ZVAKO, Nyerai Films, 2004, dir Tsitsi Dangarembga) elicits the response, "Gosh, can we tell the old stories like that!". Our powerful and moneyed women and men don Channel, Versace, Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, but are hard-pressed to name a Zimbabwean fashion designer. Similarly our government has not yet capitalized on the creative industries in adding value to our day-to-day practices, nor in order to build up high profile industries that positively affect the country's image. Artists themselves are not often in a position to further their cause. In the absence of adequate training, success to international standard in the arts for Zimbabweans is more a freak occurrence than a goal achieved by national design. Lack of training, and therefore the setting up of professional standards often results in shoddy work that once more reinforces the public perception that art and creative pastimes are the preserve of drop outs from the formal system. As a result creative, industrious and competent young Zimbabweans often have no option but to leave the country in order to earn a living by exercising their skills. This leaves the local industry and creative pool that much the poorer. ICAPA Trust has contributed significantly to setting standards in creative audio-visual practice in Zimbabwe through training workshops and in-house productions and co-productions in film, creative writing and theatre. In the Dress Your Diva Programme, ICAPA aims to intervene in this appalling cycle of underperformance in another arts-based creative industry - the sector of fashion.


The interventions objectives are to:

ICAPA's long-term objective is to establish long-term partnerships between the prominent women and the Zimbabwean fashion design world, as well as long term partnerships between the artists involved.



ICAPA partners with the WFOZ, since through its membership base, WFOZ has women available for implementing the tasks of the project. ICAPA’s role is project management. WFOZ’s role is project implementation. ICAPA Trust has extensive experience of project management through managing the International Images Film Festival for Women jointly with WFZ since 2009, and through managing the Breaking the Silence Project (see www.icapatrust.org) WFOZ, Zimbabwe's leading women filmmakers' organisation, and the oldest functioning film institution in the country, is an arts association registered with the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe whose membership is drawn women from many diverse areas of the creative sector.

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