BREAKING THE SILENCE - a Project about the immanence of violence in Zimbabwe

While it is believed that a boy whose father abuses his wife is likely to be a wife beater in the future, might it not also be true that the same child is likely to be a bully at school and accept and participate in violence in his adult life? Does it also not come to the fact that a group of such children will create a violent society and a society that takes violence as norm?


The play "Dance for Peace" produced by ICAPA and performed by Ngomahuru Theatre Arts premiered at Amakhosi Cultural Centre on Sunday, 11th January. Ngomahuru gave a seamless and outstanding perfomance that was well received by the audience.

Is it not also true that trend leaders change society? When leaders in their different spheres (religious, political and social) allow and harbor violent and abusive behaviours will they not create a society of violent behavior and allow violence to be tolerated? Is it not in the same breath that violence becomes sacred and is elevated to a taboo? Is it not also that once it becomes sacred as a society we have internalized it and it creates a cycle?

Zimbabwe has a history of violence in different spheres: social, religious and political. We must break the cycle of violence by demystifying it and this can only be done if it is dragged into the public.

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