WFOZ finished principal photography of "IN A VILLAGE LIES"
The writer Tapiwa Kapuya, started working with Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe during the UNESCO/WFOZ film production workshop in 2006 and developed a story that would eventually lead to this project. During IIFF 2009 WFOZ was able to invite experienced script doctor Charles Liburd to conduct a scriptwriting workshop together with Tsitsi Dangarembga and they assisted Tapiwa to write the script, "WITHIN A VILLAGE LIES".

WFOZ workshop 2009

Now in 2016, WFOZ finally was awarded a basic production funding that enabled Tsitsi Dangarembga to work with Tapiwa on her script and start the production. Zimbabwean director Tawanda Gunda was approached to co-direct with the writer Tapiwa Kapuya, the producer sat down with them and fine-tuned the script for the production. The audition for the cast started end of July 2016 and the WFOZ production office started rolling.

Village Crew with Dolly

Pre-production started early in the month of July with the producer and co-directors going over the script while the production office was setting up the crew. Who were assembled gradually as it took some time to get hold of all the people! The auditions call went up on all social media platforms and the response from the call was surprisingly bad. One wondered if it was due to a general lack of interest on the part of the actors or that the call didn't reach the intended audience. The last two weeks of July were busy with the castings and rehearsals. After some hiccups and missteps suitable cast members were identified. A special thank you to the Zimbabwe Film Festival Trust (ZIFFT) for availing their offices as a venue for auditions and rehearsals.

Village Directors watch fieldmonitor

Although there were several challenges faced with clearances, eventually the award-winning German DOP Frank Amann was brought in to guide a Zimbabwean camera crew and a principal location for the shoot was found in Chishawasha. Shooting ran on an intense schedule and finished after four intense days at location.

Village Crew films top shot

The film is now in post-production and the footage was used as training material during the Post-Production Boot Camp at IIFF 2016, under the African Women Filmmakers Hub project with the support of the Ford Foundation.
Editing continues and the ICAPA production office is busy meeting the deadline of submission for the big African Film Festivals in early 2017!

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