“When corporates throw their weight behind women.”
For the main festival in 2016, the search for corporate support began at the end of 2015 with proposals being structured around giving the maximum amount of visibility to the sponsoring organisation. In past years the festival has mainly received festival funds from donor organisations. 2016 marked the first year in which any meaningful corporate support was obtained. The two corporates being: Zambezi Magic via MultiChoice Zimbabwe and Capri Zimbabwe.

Epworth screening - Audience

The courting of Zambezi Magic by Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe came via a chance meeting of WFOZ and Zambezi Magic head Addiel Dzinoreva at DISCOP 2015. It was then that Addiel put WFOZ in contact with MultiChoice Zimbabwe to handle any possible projects between MultiChoice and WFOZ. Therefore, when Liz Dziva was approached with the proposal to sponsor IIFF 2016 she was more than willing to engage the festival office and find out where and how this sponsorship could come about. As a TV channel, Zambezi Magic was interested in and selected the opening and closing ceremonies, which were nothing short of impressive. From the décor, artists performances, food and drinks to the local awards the entire ceremony was catered for throught the generous sponsorship of Zambezi Magic. The icing on the cake was having Liz Dziva, the publicity and public relations manager for MultiChoice Zimbabwe, present awards and say a word from the sponsors. An excerpt from her speech read: “One of the channels’ tasks is finding partnerships that matter. In this regard the partnership with the IIFF has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience that shows just how Zambezi Magic can assist the community in showcasing the talent that abounds in our country and region, which is what the festival has also done. The messages from the productions showcased by the festival have been strongly and effectively conveyed and we are all the richer for having been part of it”.

Flashstick Winner

After having one too many doors shut in our face throughout the year one corporate responded to our request for product sponsorship and that is INNSCOR home appliances manufacturer CAPRI Zimbabwe. Festival office intern Yandani Mlilo was relentless in pursuing several companies for sponsorship. Finally, Anthony Simoes from Capri listened long enough to be interested in the festival.

Epworth screening - Audience

After getting all the requested information and a few back and forths, CAPRI then informed us that they would be providing product sponsorship with three appliances: An upright fridge , a deep freezer and a microwave oven. The company was also generous with their publicity materials and had them delivered on 25 August 2016, the day that a road show was held in the communities of Highfields and Mufakose to raise awareness of the festival to the public.

Mufakose Banners

Anyone who attended any of the screenings was sure to see the white and blue banners of Capri including the “WIN ME” banners of the raffle. Audiences were encouraged to enter the raffle at all venues when they came for screenings during the course of the festival and the draw was held on the closing night. Beffitingly, Tony Simoes was in attendance at the awards ceremony and conducted the draw which saw two women; Soukaina Edom, Vimbai Tayiya and a man, Tinashe Muchuri walk away prize winners.Now if that isn't 50/50 what is?

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