Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) have been screening films from the International Images Film Festival (IIFF) at the exciting 'IIFF in the Club' platform since 2009.

Book Café discussion

It started with the memorable inaugural 'IIFF in the Club' screening of the legendary film ‘IRON LADIES OF LIBERIA’ in March 2009, shown at the Mannenberg venue as part of International Women's Day celebrations that year. And the platform has gone on regularly to bring festival films to audiences who are grateful for a second chance at seeing what they might have missed at the festival.
IIFF in the Club became particularly popular at the BookCafé Samora Machel venue.

Elelwani screening

The films, screened every first Wednesday of the month, are always entertaining and thought-provoking. After screening each film the audiences share their views and thoughts on the film. Themes discussed usually centre on women's issues and on the different struggles women and girls in Zimbabwe – and indeed across the globe - are facing. The dialogue is not focused on the problems, but on possible solutions.

Elelwani screening

The monthly platform presents a different kind of film for today’s conscious woman. The programme supplements commercial cinemas and absolutely EVERYONE is welcome to be part of the event. The screenings are in collaboration with Pamberi Trust's Wednesday Film Club, which recently moved to a new home at 90 Selous Avenue, Harare.

Elelwani screening

Men who respect women and understand the need for women’s emancipation are particularly welcome to these screenings that seek to develop ways of overcoming women’s oppression through inspiring stories that open up new ideas and new thinking. Filmmakers will also benefit from the polished and novel approaches.

Be part of IIFF in the Club and enjoy the most innovative of film entertainment from the country's leading film festival...

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