The Berlin International Film Festival BERLINALE is one of the “BIG THREE” film festivals along with Cannes in France and Venice in Italy

WFOZ delegation

A small delegation from Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe visited this year’s Berlinale for a few days. A hectic schedule saw them viewing over fifteen new film releases and also meeting distributors and producers at the EUROPEAN FILM MARKET (EFM).

Studies at EFM

The biggest and most glamorous cinemas in town opened their doors to celebrate the classy event with thousands of local and international visitors and cineasts. International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF) delegates were able to tread the red carpet and mingle with audiences that included ambassadors and a prime minister for the screening of LETTERS FROM WAR, a Portuguese production directed by Ivo M. Ferreira. The film itself was extremely disappointing, telling the story of a young Portuguese doctor separated from his wife to fight in Angola from a very narrow point of view, whose depiction of blackness was rather primitive. The technical, administrative and artistic organisation of the festival was impressive

Berlinale Panel with Dorries Dorrie

Despite a meeting of African film practitioners where Dorothea Wenner of the World Cinema fund told he gathering “We do not have more African films at the Berlinale because your films are not to our taste”, some of the films were very relevant and interesting for a Zimbabwean audience and several of the best have been secured for screening at this year’s International Images Film Festival for Women. Support from the ACPCultures+ EDF fund has enabled the IIFF team to forge rewarding partnerships with some of the regular EFM distributors, in order to bring some of the best woman-friendly, Africa-relevant content to IIFF each year. Dorothea Wenner of the WCF was quick to point out that the World Cinema is currently supporting three African productions.

Meeting at Berlinale

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