British-Ghanaian Filmmaker Yaba Badoe conducted a busy workshop during her stay at IIFF 2015

Yaba and students

The aim of the workshop, which was supported by the British Council in Zimbabwe, was to introduce the main aspects of documentary film making and to appreciate the various stages of documentary film production. The students also learned how to appreciate different interviewing techniques. The practical exercise (shooting and editing) of the workshop led to a 5 minute documentary of the festival.

Patrick and Mic

Interview with IIFF guest and documentary filmmaker Yaba Badoe, UK/Ghana

WILDTRACK: What was your initial reaction when you were invited to IIFF ?
YABA BADOE:I was delighted to be invited to the IIFF this year and was thrilled to be nominated last year as a distinguished woman in African cinema.
WT: What have you heard about the festival before and has your perception changed when you attended the festival?
YB: I've been aware of the IIFF for some time through my friendship with Tsitsi. I've heard good things about the festival and have had the good fortune to have films shown at the IIFF, which have then been shown in Poland by partners to IIFF. I've had my films screened at IIFF in 2011 - The Witches of Gambaga or 2015 - The Art of Ama Ata Aidoo

Patrick and Mic

WT: How do you think your future work will be influenced by your experiences with IIFF/ at IIFF ?
YB: I'm sure that meeting and talking to filmmakers in Zimbabwe and other parts of Africa and Europe at the festival will influence my future work.
WT: Do you think that your success at IIFF will help you to launch new projects?
YB: It's hard to determine cause and effect but I think that discussions with my fellow filmmakers at IIFF will hold me in good stead.
WT: Have you thought about any future cooperation with IIFF or the Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe?
YB: I really enjoyed teaching students the basic principles of documentary filmmaking at IIFF and would love to do more training at the festival should the opportunity present itself.

Watch the IIFF 2015 documentary produced by Yaba's students

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