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Breaking the Silence is a project of the Institute of Creative Arts for Progress in Africa (ICAPA), that seeks to give space to survivors of any form of violence and for whatever reason to speak out through different forms of art.

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Excitement was high at the IIFF 2017 National Outreach in Bulawayo, Matobo and Binga!


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ICAPA is an organization which is engaged with all aspects of creative art, including research, training, publication of papers and production of creative art products. This broad view has been taken as all the creative arts are required to produce adequate international standard audio-visual narratives that tell the stories many less creative individuals shy away from. Thus the institute fosters creativity of expression in all the arts and brings them together in the form of the audio-visual narrative.

Art. What is art? Art is how. Art is the manner. How much does our "how" and our manner have to change in our developing societies (we are limiting ourselves to ourselves) in order for our progress? But as we have been doing things in a certain way for so long, only creativity will provide the new "how" and the new manner. For the only way to promote change is through creativity. Creativity brings that which was not into existence. ICAPA nurtures creativity as a matter of priority. It will foster those works of art, particularly in the powerful audio-visual media that are imbued with a strong spirit of confidence and courage, and knowledge of how this confidence can be made fact in the democratic development of Africa in the twenty first century.

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